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                                               ET Limited was founded in 2007,We’re modernizing the field of algorithm-based

         semiconductor procurement and distribution with unmatched market data, industry forecasting and technical agility.

                                                             We believe in the power of strong technical leadership.

                                              ET Limited demonstrates this commitment to data-driven trading by recruiting the best                          engineering talent into our sales, data science and procurement teams to ensure we are delivering value and                                                                outstanding customer service to technology innovators like you.

                                                                             Build a smarter supply chain.

Accelerate & Scale Your Commodities Procurement Process

Streamline your supply chain and reduce costs with one-stop procurement and onsite AS6081 anti-counterfeit testing.

Build A Stronger, More Agile Technical Supply Chain

Resolve shortages, maintain production and improve time to market with our experienced sales engineering team.

Manage End-Of-Life Concerns & Mitigate Risk

Manage inventory and avoid disruption to your production cycle. Our engineers can source your obsolete, end of life and hard to find parts.