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Oct 27, 2016  ​​​
Bluenrg-1 Flexible BLE connection solution  
Jun 25, 2015  
Microchip JukeBlox4.0 easy implementation of home audio network applications  
Nov 24, 2014  
Smart life starts with smart door locks, which can be easily monitor​​​ed using smart phones, completely eliminating the need to carry keys.  
Oct 16, 2014  
Veyron Bluetooth smart wristband can collect users' movement status and consumption at any time, and then provide intelligent personal health advice through integrated analysis of mobile device App and cloud service.  
Jun 10, 2014  
Mobile wireless charging power supply based on STWBC also covers mobile multimedia, small household appliances, medical devices and other neighborhoods.  
Apr 17, 2014  
Everything you need: modules/wireless/mobile apps  

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May 09, 2017  
Viyally launched based on L99DZ100 door control overall solution, using a single chip to solve the including electric window lift and lock action, car side rearview mirror to adjust heating to fog, all kinds of LED control requirements.  
May 09, 2017  
The Internet of cars is a vast interactive network of vehicles' locations, speeds and routes.  Through t-box technology, various information display and control of vehicles are realized.  
Apr 21, 2016  
Pure electric vehicles can truly achieve green environmental protection and become the technical development direction supported by many manufacturers.  We provide you with full digital development platform solutions to help you build flexible design platform.  
Aug 28, 2014  
The future of automotive Motor control - Brushless dc motor (BLDC) control scheme  
Jul 25, 2014  
A new generation of automobile air conditioning motor controller  
Jul 17, 2014  
Vialli Electronics launches BLDC urea injection drive solution based on ST chip.  
Apr 17, 2014  
Driving scheme of automobile electronic oil pump under new standard of energy saving and emission reduction  ​​​​


We appoint the motor control design experts entrusted by Microchip to provide customers with ACIM AC induction motor, BLDC brushless DC motor, BDC brush DC  
Machine and permanent magnet synchronous electric  
For high speed vacuum cleaner motor drive solutions can provide personalized customization support  
White paper: Application of outdoor fan based on air conditioning  
White paper: application of STM32 in frequency conversion wave wheel washing machine  
Experience diversified integrated solutions for electrical appliances  
White paper: Application of PMSM vector control in frequency conversion washing machine  
Revolutionary BRUShless DC fan solution  
Motor drive solution  ​


Anytime and anywhere to achieve high quality meter switching power supply solutions  
White paper: Design IC card gas meter based on STM8L  
State Grid single-phase smart meter scheme: the complete underlying driver package fully supports secondary development  
High quality smart four meter solution: electricity meter, water meter, gas meter and heat meter  
White paper: ST solutions in smart meters  
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